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arcade game repair

Brad Frank Restorations, Inc. is a full-service restoration and fabrication firm with extensive experience in arcade game repair, restoration, research, and ground-up rebuilds.

chicago coins band box

Licensor for Chicago Coin

Brad Frank Restorations, Inc. owns and manages the registered trademarks Chicago Coin arcade game products: Chicago Coin® Chicago Coin’s® Chicago Coin’s Band Box® Strike Up The Band® The Worlds Smallest Band® To discuss licensing or partnering with the Chicago Coin brand, or to learn more about Brad Frank Restorations services, contact us.

And So Much More

Appliances, Jukeboxes, Soda Fountains and more...

From antique toys to vending machines, to the rebuiling of whole soda fountains, Brad Frank Restorations is an expert in researching and restoring vintage pieces to their original, authentic glory.


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