About Us

Brad Frank got his start in the arcade business in the late 1970s by working a trade with a co-worker in Iowa for an old jukebox. After moving to Southern California in 1983 he started buying machines, repairing and restoring them, and then buying more. It took only one jukebox to start it all and, now, after 39 years, the business has grown to become a world-renowned restoration shop and replacement parts manufacturer. His area of expertise also includes manufacturing the Chicago Coin’s Band Boxes®, Chicago Coin™ Trademarks and arcade game replacement parts, artwork, and back glasses – all part of his restoration specialty.

Many of the restorations he has performed have been on machines for which only one known example has ever been found. After restoring hundreds of jukeboxes, soda machines, pinball machines, and other arcade games, he has become a sought after expert in the field. Though Brad enjoys working on all machines, his real joy is working on those most rare pieces, researching authentic parts, manufacturing others, and rebuilding cabinets to match their original beauty.

Some of Brad’s more unique restorations can be seen above in the portfolio. They include a Sega Periscope, two English Bryant crane-type machines, Ski N Shore downhill skiing machine, Sega Sand Buggy and a Hydro Duck water game.


Registered TradeMarks Owned by Brad Frank / Brad Frank Restorations, Inc. include:

Chicago Coin arcade game products
Chicago Coin®
Chicago Coin’s®
Chicago Coin’s Band Box ®
Strike Up The Band®
The Worlds Smallest Band®